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The Big Thank You Needs Your Help!

Bert's Big Thank you!

There's no way we can fulfill our mission without your help. It's The Bert Show's Big Thank You. The mission: to get a heartfelt, handwritten letter into the hands of every deployed U.S. service person at Thanksgiving. Start writing your letters now, and get your friends, church, co-workers, and school involved. The school that writes the most letters will win a pizza party from Little Caesars and Hits 97-9 on Monday November 3rd! You can drop off your letters at the Hits 97-9 studios at 555 5th Avenue in Huntington during regular business hours. The deadline to get them in is October 29th. For more info on how to write your letter ( form, size, specifications, and rules) please click on the banner. Thank you for spreading the word!

Win $1000 Weekday Mornings on The Bert Show

Listen for your name every morning at 8:20 If you hear your name, you have until the end of the show to call 1-855-Bert-Show. If you do, you win a minimum of $1,000 dollars! If you don’t call in, the $1,000 gets added to the next day’s $1,000 dollar giveaway. Each day we don’t have a winner, the jackpot gets $1,000 larger!

Click here to sign up and win.

The Bert Show

The Bert Show

The ALL NEW Hits 97.9 is proud to announce the newest addition to our station!

The Bert Show is one of the fastest growing morning shows in the country! The Bert Show will now call Hits 97.9 it’s newest home!

“Real. Funny.” is the best way to describe what makes The Bert Show the success that it is! Listeners get intimate and vulnerable details of the cast member’s lives, mixed in with lifestyle advice, entertainment news, celebrity guests and laughs that keep listeners coming back for more! It’s unscripted and uninhibited!

Host Bert Weiss and cast bare their most private secrets, dishing details on their love lives, friends and families. They share their life stories including – struggles, triumphs and all of the emotion in between. In addition, the show gives back through numerous charitable events and programs, including Bert’s Big Adventure, founded by Bert Weiss and his wife, Stacey!>p>

The show also features Jeff Dauler and Lexington, Kentucky, native Kristin Klingshirn.

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